~Wintress Patrice

I am Wintress Patrice, your Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach. #iAmWintressPatrice

I am an Empath with a concentration in helping abuse survivors (including but not limited to, Domestic Violence, Mental/Physical/Emotional/Verbal abuse, Molestation/Incest, Generational Trauma and Family Bullying).

I also hold a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Degree for Computer Programming, and a Liberal Studies Degree both from Limestone University, Gaffney, SC. I am also a member of The Limestone University President’s Advisory Council and completed Industrial/Organizational Psychology PhD coursework at University of Phoenix.

I have been managing, consulting, and coaching for 20 years in the fields of Telecommunication, Technology, Logistics & Supply Chain. My professional career entails contractual business relationships with the following current Fortune 500 Companies:

> Johnson & Johnson

> Tech Data

> Avaya


> Verizon

> Hewlett-Packard

> XPO Logistics

Additionally, I was the 1st Female Manager of Information Systems at Financial Asset Management Systems for their Department of Education contract in Atlanta, GA. Where I spearheaded, designed and implemented their first Internet & Intranet sites.

I have overcome many obstacles that have led me into your path.  This is not a coincidence. We have crossed paths by Fate! I am destine to walk with you on your journey to happiness!

I am confident that I can help you regain a strong foundation towards rebuilding happiness, self-worth, and honor.  I have been gifted with the ability to help you identify & embrace your sole purpose in life.   I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom, to stay there and try to find comfort in the darkness. It almost drove me crazy!

I also KNOW that I am Living my Best Life. Fully utilizing and sharing all the lessons I learned while at rock bottom, as well as, my beautiful journey to true self love and happiness.

I am extremely grateful for every moment. Understanding that if I never went through the bad times, I wouldn’t be here as living proof that you can come back from anything if you don’t give up on you.

If I can do it, so can you! I will not tell you it is going to be easy, because you will have to do the hard work of getting to know and love oneself. I will tell you that if you do decide to go on this journey with me, it will change your life.

I want to help you turn your dreams and goals into a new reality of living your best life!

We Can Break Chains, and Create Lanes!

The Wait is Over! I am Here!


Resilience…. The gift that one must possess to continually strive and thrive through the most devastating real-life experiences.

We are fine tuning oneself with consistent growth through opposition. No matter what you are facing, understand you haven’t come this far to fail or give up. This is for you, as much as it is for me…

Keep Dreaming!

Keep Pushing!

These are just our Growing Pains, as we evolve into our Best Possible Self.

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