FAQ Section: Coaching Services

      What are the coaching terms and conditions?

      • Cancellation Policy: Please be aware that there are no refunds for canceled sessions. However, you have the flexibility to reschedule your session within 30 days from the original date without incurring any additional fees.
      • Rescheduling Options: In case you need to reschedule between 31 and 90 days from the original session date, a nominal fee of $50 will be applied.
      • Late or No Show Policy: To manage your scheduled sessions effectively, you can reschedule up to 24 hours before your session. Please note, sessions begin promptly as scheduled, and a waiting period of 10 minutes is observed. Failing to attend or canceling with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a one-week waiting period for rescheduling.

      What can I expect from the coaching sessions?

      Engaging in coaching sessions with Wintress Patrice, you can expect:

      • Personalized one-on-one NLP Life Coaching, focusing on navigating and understanding your unique journey.
      • Application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to identify barriers, transform thought processes, and foster positive growth.
      • Transparent and constructive communication aimed at helping you achieve your goals.
      • Continuous support, encouragement, and accountability throughout your coaching journey.

      What do I need to provide as a client?

      Your role as a client is crucial. It involves:

      • Open and honest communication about your thoughts, challenges, and needs.
      • Full commitment and effort in completing tasks and exercises to reach your goals.

      How can I contact Wintress Patrice?

      You can reach Wintress Patrice via text or email for prompt responses. Alternatively, phone calls are welcomed at (267) 571-6689 from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. Weekend sessions are available by appointment.

      How will the sessions be conducted?

      All coaching sessions are conducted and recorded via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and convenience for both coach and client.

      FAQ Section: Digital Designs and Services

      Cancellation Policy:

      • For Digital Designs and Services, please note that there are no refunds once services have been initiated.

      Domain Name Transfer Policy:

      • In the event of service cancellation, if you choose to transfer your Domain Name, a Release Fee of $275 will be applicable to facilitate the transfer process.

      General Note:

      WintressPatrice.com adheres to a strict no-refund policy for both Coaching and Digital Design Services to ensure commitment and quality in all engagements.

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