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An Intimate Journey through Depression: An Illuminating Prayer

By: Wintress Patrice, Certified NLP Life Coach

In the heart of our struggles lie our most profound opportunities for growth. For many of us, our deepest, darkest times serve as fertile soil from which our greatest strengths can sprout. My own journey through depression and the road to recovery allowed me to witness this truth first-hand. And it was during these tumultuous times that I found wisdom and comfort in the words of Iyanla Vanzant: “In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. Sometimes my prayer was ‘Help me.’ Sometimes a prayer was ‘Thank you.’ What I’ve discovered is that intimate connection and communication with my creator will always get me through because I know my support, my help, is just a prayer away.”

As an NLP Life Coach, I have used my personal experiences, combined with my professional training, to guide others towards mental wellbeing. However, I believe sharing my personal battle with depression can resonate with individuals on a more profound level.

My journey through depression was a paradoxical dance between despair and hope. The gray, leaden skies of my mental state often seemed boundless, and yet, in my heart, I always retained a kernel of faith, a light that never fully extinguished. This enduring light was nurtured through prayer, which became my beacon in navigating the often stormy seas of depression.

There were times when my prayers took the form of desperate pleas for help. This was not a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to my human vulnerability. It’s essential to understand that acknowledging our struggles and seeking assistance is a courageous act. Asking for help allows us to access strength beyond our own and opens up possibilities for transformation and healing.

During these times, my prayer was simple: “Help me.” I was not merely asking for relief from my emotional pain, but for guidance and strength to navigate through my depression. This heartfelt plea symbolized my willingness to relinquish control, to admit that I could not conquer my depression single-handedly, and to lean on the divine support that was always within my reach.

On other occasions, my prayer was a gratitude-filled whisper of “Thank you.” Amidst the fog of depression, moments of clarity, joy, or even simple peace can be incredibly potent. I made it a point to acknowledge these instances and express my sincere gratitude for them. In doing so, I reminded myself that my condition did not define me, and that there were still elements of my life that sparked joy and elicited gratitude.

Prayer, in this context, served as a mindful practice of gratitude, allowing me to create a mental space that held more than just my struggles. It was a gentle reminder of the good that was interwoven with the more challenging aspects of life, an affirmation of hope in the midst of despair.

The quote from Iyanla Vanzant that has guided me throughout my journey reflects a truth that lies at the heart of many spiritual and philosophical traditions: The divine, or whatever higher power you believe in, is always accessible to us. Our creator is not distant or unapproachable but is intimately involved in our lives, ready to offer support and comfort. This intimate connection is available to us always, regardless of our circumstances.

In my darkest times, the understanding of this divine connection provided a lifeline, a reassurance that no matter how overwhelming my depression felt, help and support were just a prayer away. Through prayer, I felt the transformative power of vulnerability, surrender, and gratitude, allowing me to navigate my journey through depression with resilience and hope.

My journey with depression was a challenging chapter in my life, but it also brought me invaluable insights. It deepened my connection with my creator, enhanced my sense of empathy, and enabled me to connect with others in similar situations. It inspired me to become an NLP Life Coach, dedicating my life to helping others navigate their mental health challenges.

In the end, my depression did not define me; rather, it became a part of my story, contributing to my growth and transformation. I truly believe that our struggles can be the catalysts for our most profound growth. So, whether your prayer is a plea for help or a whisper of gratitude, remember that you are never alone in your struggles. Divine support is always just a prayer away.

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