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Every Day A New You: Embrace Growth and Authenticity as You Walk in Your Purpose

Hello Beautiful Souls, Queens & Kings. I’m Wintress Patrice, your Certified NLP Life Coach and the proud Founder of IAWP Life Coaching, LLC. I am here to discuss a powerful concept that is essential to our individual growth and collective empowerment. The concept, put simply, is this: “Be better than every previous version of yourself.”

Every day, we are gifted with the magnificent opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. This journey is not about competition with others; it’s about challenging our former selves and striving for continual improvement. It’s about acknowledging that the most crucial competition we face in life is against ourselves, our old habits, our fears, and our insecurities.

Understand that each version of ourselves is like a stepping stone on the path of self-discovery. Each step we take, each lesson learned, each blessing received is an integral part of our life journey. Every triumph and defeat, every joy and sorrow, shapes us, molds us, and ultimately propels us forward.

Recognizing and celebrating the lessons and blessings that come with growth is essential. We must be grateful for the wisdom that each past version of ourselves imparts. Each version is a teacher and a guide, providing insights and experiences that equip us to navigate life with grace and resilience.

When we lean into our growth, we are practicing the highest form of self-love. By acknowledging our past selves and learning from them, we express our commitment to personal development. This is the essence of self-love—valuing ourselves enough to strive for growth, transformation, and the realization of our highest potential.

Through this continual process of self-improvement, we position ourselves to live more wholly. This means embracing every facet of our being, celebrating our uniqueness, and living in alignment with our authentic selves. This authenticity, the courage to be true to who we are, is what empowers us to walk our unique path with conviction and purpose.

My Beautiful Souls, IAWP Life Coaching services are dedicated to supporting you on this transformative journey. Whether you are just embarking on your self-discovery journey or experiencing challenges along the way, I’m here to guide and empower you. You’re invited to schedule a free 30-minute Zoom consultation on my website,, to get started on your journey to becoming your best self.

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Beautiful Souls, remember that every new day offers the gift of becoming a better

version of yourself. Cherish this gift, lean into your growth, and walk in your purpose. This journey is one of self-love, personal growth, and authenticity. Continue to shine, embrace your crowns, and empower your reign!

With love & light,
Wintress Patrice

Embrace Your Past, Empower Your Present: An Authentic Journey to Redefining Yourself

My past actions don’t define me today, and I can change my future.


Hello, my beautiful souls, the wonderful queens and kings reading this. I am Wintress Patrice, your Certified NLP Life Coach, and the Founder of IAWP Life Coaching, LLC. Today, let’s delve deep into a powerful affirmation: “My past actions don’t define me today, and I can change my future.” This profound statement not only embraces acceptance but also breathes hope into our lives, and beckons the grandeur of future possibilities.

Each one of us carries a past, a unique collection of experiences and lessons, much like an artist with their palette. However, rather than defining us, these hues of life experiences uniquely equip us with something that only we can bring to this world. They are our exclusive paint strokes on the canvas of life, bestowing us with the capability to create our masterpiece.

The importance of recognizing and celebrating the lessons and blessings that our past has gifted us cannot be overstated. Living through our past, embracing the experiences, the triumphs, and the trials, they all carry lessons that shape us. They shape not only who we are today, but also who we have the potential to become tomorrow.

Our past, as intricate and diverse as it may be, shouldn’t confine us. On the contrary, it should liberate us. By leaning into our past, we can embrace the gifts that life has offered us, gifts that position us and enable us to live more wholesomely. These gifts pave the way for us to walk authentically in our purpose.

Walking in our purpose is an intimate dance with authenticity. It’s about revealing our true selves, both to the world and to ourselves. It’s about shedding off the cloaks of pretense and stepping into the radiant light of truth, thus becoming more of who we are, and less of what the world wants us to be.

However, this walk is not always an easy one. Like any journey, it has its valleys and mountains, its rough paths and smooth roads. That’s where IAWP Life Coaching services come in. At IAWP, we’re dedicated to supporting you, beautiful souls, whether you’re starting on your journey or facing obstacles along the way. Our commitment is to empower you to walk in your purpose, your truth, and your authenticity.

To facilitate your journey, we’re offering a free 30-minute zoom consultation, which you can easily schedule on our website, This consultation is designed to guide you through the process of introspection, self-realization, and goal setting, providing the initial push towards your journey of self-empowerment and authenticity.

As you walk this path, remember that you’re not alone. We’re in this together. I urge you to share this article on your social media, spread the word, spread the light, and let’s create an enlightened community. Let your voice be heard in the comments section, and follow me, @WintressPatrice on Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok for more inspiration and empowerment.

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In conclusion, remember, your past does not define you, but it certainly prepares you. It equips you with the strength, the wisdom, and the resilience you need to face the world and shape your future. So, embrace your past, empower your present, and change your future. Walk in your purpose, and in doing so, help others to do the same.

With all the love and light,
Wintress Patrice.

Empowering Your Journey: The Power of Affirmations, NLP, and Self-Love

I strive to do my best every day, and that’s enough


Greetings to my Beautiful Souls, my revered Queens and Kings! It’s Wintress Patrice, your Certified NLP Life Coach and Founder of IAWP Life Coaching, LLC. As we journey together on this voyage of self-discovery and personal growth, I’m guided by a profoundly simple, yet powerful affirmation: “I strive to do my best every day, and that’s enough.”

In our world, where we are often weighed down by expectations and external pressures, it’s crucial to remember the importance of being kind to ourselves. We are all works in progress, each day presenting an opportunity to learn, grow, and become better versions of ourselves.

Remember, progress doesn’t always have to be monumental; it’s the small, consistent steps that create substantial change over time. It’s like planting a seed and nurturing it daily with care, patience, and love until it blossoms into a magnificent tree. Each day, when you make an effort, however small, to grow and evolve, know that you’re enough. And you are making progress.

Affirmations are powerful tools that help us rewire our brains for positivity and success. When you repeat the phrase, “I strive to do my best every day, and that’s enough,” you’re not just uttering words but speaking life into your reality. You’re setting the tone for a more confident, motivated, and self-loving you.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is another potent modality that aids in personal growth. As a certified NLP Life Coach, I have witnessed its transformative power. It’s about understanding how we think, feel, and behave and then utilizing this knowledge to modify our patterns to create desired outcomes. It’s a roadmap to self-understanding and transformation.

Life coaching, infused with affirmations and NLP techniques, provides a holistic approach to self-improvement. It guides you to shift your perspective, gain emotional control, break limiting beliefs, and take charge of your life.

Now, if you’re starting or struggling on your journey, remember, it’s perfectly okay. Change is a process, and it takes time. But you don’t have to go through it alone. IAWP Life Coaching is here to walk alongside you. We offer a free 30-minute zoom consultation, which you can schedule on our website,

As we continue our journey of personal growth, it’s crucial to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves. Even a single step forward on this path is worth applauding. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Celebrate your progress, no matter how big or small.

This journey is about cultivating self-love, not self-judgment. When we treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, we become our own cheerleaders, strengthening our resilience to navigate life’s challenges and setbacks.

In the spirit of sharing and community, I invite you to spread this message of self-love and empowerment. Share this article on your socials and engage with the broader community of Beautiful Souls. Your comments, experiences, and perspectives enrich our collective wisdom. You can follow @WintressPatrice on Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok for more inspiring content.

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Each episode is packed with powerful techniques, practical tips, and inspirational interviews. We delve into a range of topics, including self-love, motivation, overcoming obstacles, and relationship building, all geared towards helping you step into your full potential.

Lastly, I want to hear from you! I invite you to be a guest on QTO – Queen Talk Only Podcast. Share your story of personal growth, your triumphs over adversity, or valuable insights that could inspire and empower our community of Queens and Kings.

Interested? Reach out to me by texting 267-571-6689 or emailing [email protected]. Let’s schedule your interview and share your unique journey with our audience. Your voice matters, and together, we can create a powerful, supportive community.

Thank you for your time, Beautiful Souls. Remember, “I strive to do my best every day, and that’s enough.” Keep this affirmation close to your heart and let it guide you on your path. Remember to treat yourself with love and kindness. And never forget to celebrate every step you take on this journey. Here’s to your success and growth.

Sending you love and light,
Wintress Patrice

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