When You Love Yourself Unconditionally, How Do You Move Your Body?

By Wintress Patrice, Certified NLP Life Coach

Unconditional self-love is an exploration, a journey, and a destination. It has the power to alter the entire landscape of our existence, manifesting in our actions, thoughts, and physical movements. When we foster an environment of self-love, we engage with our bodies in a novel and powerful way. Today, I want to explore the transformative intersection between self-love and body movement.

Grammy-winning artist Lizzo, a vocal advocate for self-love and body positivity, provides us with an insightful mantra, “I am my inspiration, I am my inspiration” (from her song “Water Me”). This line speaks volumes about the powerful relationship between self-perception, self-love, and embodiment.

The Dance of Self-Love

When we love ourselves unconditionally, our bodies become an outward expression of this profound internal emotion. We engage in movement with a newfound sense of joy and freedom, because every motion is now an affirmation of our worth, rather than a negation of perceived flaws.

When we fully accept and love ourselves, our posture improves, our steps become more purposeful, and our actions reflect the respect we hold for our bodies. We become more attuned to our physical needs, listening attentively to our bodies’ signals of fatigue, hunger, tension, and relaxation.

The Rhythm of Authenticity

Unconditional self-love encourages us to move our bodies authentically, breaking free from societal norms and expectations. Just like Lizzo, who confidently takes the stage and moves in ways that showcase her personality, energy, and talent, we too can be unapologetically ourselves in our body movements.

We learn to dance, walk, run, jump, and play, not to conform to a standard or to be perceived a certain way, but simply to express the rhythm of our being. This authenticity shines through in our every move, showing the world who we are: individuals who love and accept ourselves wholeheartedly.

Exercise as Self-Love

Another way our movement reflects self-love is through our approach to exercise. Physical activity becomes less about trying to fit into societal ideals, and more about appreciating and caring for our bodies. Exercise shifts from a punitive chore to a celebratory act of self-love.

Instead of pushing through pain or discomfort to achieve a certain look, we learn to move in ways that feel good and serve our bodies well. We choose activities that we enjoy, not what we believe we ‘should’ do. We listen to our bodies, rest when we need to, and challenge ourselves when we feel strong. This approach turns exercise from a struggle into a joyful act of self-care.

Embracing Body Positivity

In the words of Lizzo, “I am my inspiration.” Loving ourselves unconditionally means seeing ourselves as sources of inspiration. This transformative perspective extends to our bodies and how we move them.

Lizzo’s unabashed body positivity and confident movements on stage reflect the core of her message: that we should all be our own biggest fans. When we internalize this mindset, it directly impacts the way we carry ourselves. We stop trying to shrink or hide ourselves and instead start taking up space confidently, unafraid to be seen or to stand out.


The journey to unconditional self-love isn’t linear or easy. It requires patience, practice, and a lot of kindness. Yet, its impact on our lives, and particularly on our relationship with our bodies, is profound.

When we love ourselves unconditionally, every step we take, every dance move we bust out, every yoga pose we hold, becomes an act of self-love and a celebration of our existence. We become the embodiment of Lizzo’s mantra, “I am my inspiration,” inspiring ourselves and others to embrace self-love unconditionally.

Remember: You are deserving of love, from others and, most importantly, from yourself. Love yourself, move your body with joy and authenticity, and let your self-love guide your way.

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